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Cassia Tora Seeds

Senna Leaves

Botanical Name(s): Cassia Augustifolia

A small erect shrub, Indian senna attains a height of about 2 to 3 feet. Its stem is pale green, smooth and erect. The spread out branches possess around 4 to 5 pairs of leaves. These leaves are pale yellowish-green in color, elongated spear shaped with pointed apex, about 1 to 2-inch in length and about 0.2 to 0.3-inch in breadth. The plantar surface is shiny green and dorsal surface is yellowish green. The plant has small yellow flowers. The brown pod contains 5 to 7 seeds that are dark brown in color

Packing available: 15 kgs , 25 kgs , 50 kgs jute bags

Cassia Absus (Chaksu) is a useful medicinal plant belonging to the leguminosae family. It is regarded as useful enriching the blood as tonic, a bitter astringent for the bowels, applied locally to heal ulcers. It is useful in the diseases of eyes such as purulent conjunctivitis and opthalmia

Packing available: 15 kgs , 25 kgs , 50 kgs jute bags

Casia Absus